Have One (more) On Me

Another preview track from Joanna Newsom’s new album Have One On Me is available on the Drag City website. The track, which replaces the brilliant ”81′ (fortunately already stolen using Audio Hijack), is called ‘Good Intentions Paving Company’, and displays yet again Joanna’s penchant for serving up stylistic anomalies.

You only need to listen to the grog-swilling sea-shanty ‘Inflammatory Writ’ on Milk Eyed Mender or, perhaps to a lesser extent, the Disney™-influenced ‘Monkey and Bear’ on Ys, to realise just how mercurial a Joanna Newsom record can at times be. Naturally (and evasively) I like to think of these incongruities as carefully orchestrated clashes twixt dissonance and consonance—moments of artistic delicacy designed to shock us from our weary assumptions, shake us free of expectations.

Whatever the tinpot theory though, I do so very hope that this track—which I should add is not entirely without charm—proves only to be the ‘sore thumb’ on Have One On Me, and that the rest of the album is made up of wondrously elegant, pendular digits. [End terrible metaphor.]


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