Dogs playing snooker

I guess the threat of obsolescence hangs over each and every one of us—we will all be sloughed of relevance eventually. My last post, for example, made the journey in about thirty minutes. No sooner had I posted my dimly negative spiel ‘pon the (dis)merits of Joanna’s latest preview track that the folks at Drag City—prompted, no doubt, by a teary and embarrassed Joanna—replaced ‘Good Intentions Paving Company’ with yet another aural freebie, ‘Kingfisher’.

It’s another interesting development. Faintly mediaeval in tone, the track combines stripped-down harping with strings, percussion and various wind instruments to create an unusual sonic backdrop to Joanna’s ever-original lyrics. The result is quaint, pleasing and oddly unsettling, like those pictures of dogs playing snooker you sometimes see. I can’t quite explain why, but listening to the track brings to mind that lunar gadabout Moonface from The Faraway Tree books. He’s not doing anything special, mind. Just standing there.

Anyway, time is clearly very short. I can feel these words erasing themselves as I type. Enough prattling.

Be relevant.


One comment

  1. Blondie · February 20, 2010

    It’s time for you to update this blog!

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