I’m very big in Sudan

Ever since I uploaded my ill-advised Metersbonwe advertisement to YouTube, the response has been underwhelming (which is to say, entirely as expected). A total of 58 intrepid souls have watched the thing in just over two months, which is probably about the hit rate you’d get if you uploaded a video of someone silently reading a book or quietly sipping a glass of water.

Oddly, however, of these 58 imbeciles, the majority appear to come from Sudan.

Unfortunately, due to poor cartographic standards on YouTube’s part, I am unable to determine at this stage whether my fame burns brightest in the newly created South Sudan or in the Republic of Sudan to the north. Equally unclear is just how big of a part my video played in cementing the official separation of the two countries after a long and protracted series of civil wars (stretching back to 1956) had made it seem that peace was impossible.

The potential impact of the video on the ongoing humanitarian situation in Darfur also requires more work.

Discussions with Jeremy Bowen are currently at a stalemate. Jim Bowen is a maybe.



  1. paddygsleeves · August 30, 2011

    I think I am the same size in Sudan (both South and Republic).

  2. lefolly · August 30, 2011

    that sounds like an unscientific claim.

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